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Down Under Challenge: Down & Under Book Titles

**This list is a starting point only!!

Book Titles Featuring “Down”

All Kinds of Tied Down
And The Lion Shall Lie Down With The Lamb
Back Down to Earth
Beauty in the Breakdown
Black Heart Down (Conquest, #5)
Breakdown (Don’t…, #3)
Breakdown Motel
Brokedown Hearts (Foster Siblings #4)
Button Down
Chase the Stars (Lang Downs, #2)
Command Down
Conquer the Flames (Lang Downs #4)
Countdown to Daddies
Countdown to Santa
Counting Down
Cowboys Down
Crossroads Showdown (Crossroads, #3)
Double Down (Shadow of the Templar, #2)
Down and Dirty
Down and Dirty (Cole McGinnis, #5)
Down the Basement
Down Under
Down With The Tunes (Who Needs Christmas?, #5)
Downed Fences
Downpour (Weathering #1)
Fall Down the Mountain (Mountain, #5)
Full Moon Lockdown (Moon Compound #1)
Going Down
Going Down
Going Down for the Count
Inherit the Sky (Lang Downs, #1)
Lay Me Down to Sleep
Let Down Your Hair
Man Down (EMS Heat, #2)
Man Falls Down
My Heart Comes Tumbling Down
Outlast the Night (Lang Downs #3)
Roos Go Down Under
Sauntering Vaguely Downward
Taking Dylan Down
The Hand-me-down
The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down
Tie ‘Em Up, Hold ‘Em Down
Todd’s Major Meltdown
Touchdowns: M/M Football Stories
Ty’d Down (Willow Springs Ranch #3.5)
When the Sun Goes Down (Howl at the Moon, #1)
Won’t Back Down

Book Titles Featuring “Under”

Blood & Thunder (THIRDS, #2)
Down Under
Everything Under the Sun
Forever Under a Rainbow
Love Under Siege (Brothers in Arms #2) mmf*
Men Under the Mistletoe
Monsters under the Bed (Lifting the Veil, #3.5)
Pit Road (Running Under Caution, #1)
Something New Under the Sun (Falling Sky, #2)
The Heartbeat Under a White Coat
Under a Crescent Moon by Mercy Celeste
Under A Rock
Under Contract
Under Grand Hotel, Volume 01
Under Hill and Over the Bar
Under His Skin
Under My Bed
Under My Skin (Under My Skin, #1)
Under My Skin anthology (Books I and II)
Under My Skin II
Under Pressure (Road Trip, #3)
Under Pretenses
Under Texas Skies
Under The Australian Sky
Under the Bridge
Under The Christmas Lights
Under the Desert Sky
Under the Influence
Under The Moon
Under the Rainbow
Under the Rushes
Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Under the Southern Cross
Under the Table and Into His Heart
Undercover (Federation Chronicles, #1) mmf*
Undercover Nights (Armadillo, #2)
Undercover Sins (Secret Sins #1)
Underground: Special Teams
Understanding Mark (Men of Riverside, #3)
Undertow (Infected, #7)
Underwater Secrets (Love is Always Write)

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Down Under Challenge: Australian & New Zealand M/M Romance Authors

**Note: All authors are Australian or have lived in Australia unless otherwise indicated.

AB Gayle
Anyta Sunday (NZ)
Anne Barwell (NZ)
Astrid Cooper
Barry Lowe
Christian Baines
Daniel de Lorne
Denise Rossetti
E.E. Montgomery
Geoffrey Knight
Isabelle Rowan
Jack Byrne
Jade Archer
Jae T. Jaggart
Jayne DeMarco
Jess Buffett
Jess Dee
Julie Bozza
Justin South
Kalita Kasar
Lisa Henry
L.J. Harris
LJ LaBarthe
Mark Alders
Matthew Lang
Meredith Shayne
N.J. Nielsen
N.M. Harris
N.R. Walker
Nic Starr
Nicole Field
Pelaam (NZ)
Penny Brandon
Renae Kaye
RJ Astruc (NZ)
Robyn Walker
Sean Kennedy
Shelley Munro (NZ)
Sofia Grey (NZ)
Susan Beck
Toni Griffin
Vixen Phillips
Willow Scarlett (NZ)
Zathyn Priest

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